The Excellency

Home screen series

This series is directed by Sam Gharibian, released in November of 1396 on the home screen network

This project was co-produced by Massoud Redai and Ali Hazrati, and directed and directed by Sam Gharibian on September 21, 1395, in front of the camera, which was pre-production for 45 days, and lasted for a period of three months. The second part of the mini-series was also in Seven parts have been drafted to be produced after production of the first season. Sam Qaribian wrote and directed the series “The Excellency” in six parts. Massoud Redai and Ali Hazrati have also jointly produced it.


The Story:

The story tells the story of two electoral rivals

Dr. Ahmed Malek is elected after Iran’s election as the president-elect of Iran following his election rivals, engineer Safarian. His efforts to sign important treaties have many supporters and opponents. 48 hours before the summit, threats to his family threaten national security. Dr. Malek should choose between maintaining family security and signing a treaty


Cast: Saeed Agakhani,Amir Aghaei,Hussein Pakdel,Hossein Yari,Ahmad Reza Asadi,Parviz Pourhosseini,Babak Hamidian,Sahar Dowlatshahi,Leila Otadi,Omid Rouhani,Sam gharibian,Vahid Ronaghi,Alireza Reyesi,Hossein Soleimani,Parvis siri,Reza Sharifnejad,Azade Samadi,Meysam Abdi,Hossein Erfani,Ehsan Karami,Nazanin Karimi,Parish Nazariyeh,Hamed Modares,Saleh Mirza Aqaee,Mahtaj Nojoumi