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Iranian film, television and stage actress.

Sahar Dowlatshahi

Sahar Dolatshahi is an Iranian actress who was born on the 8th of October, 1979 in Iran in an educated family. she started her education at the Shahid Mahdavi Educational Complex, and was engaged in theater activities‌ from the second year. She started studying chemical engineering in 1998 but dropped out after a semester. The next year, she started to study drama literature at Sureh University of Tehran and French-language translation simultaneously. She graduated from these two fields after four years. She was a member of various theater groups including “Parchin”, “Bazi”, and “Virgoul”. She had her first theater role in 2001 by playing in “Sleepy Midday” directed by Ayat Najafi, and later on, she entered cinema through the theater. Although her major activities are mostly in cinematic and theatrical productions, she has also appeared on a few television productions over the years. In the movie "Gold and Copper" directed by Homayoun Asadiyan in 2011, she was nominated for the Best Actress Award at the 14th Cinema House Celebration. In the thirty-third festival of Fajr Film Festival, Sahar Dowlatshahi won the Best Actress award for the movie "Ice Age".

Cinema Activities
Theater Activities


Bachelor of Dramatic Literature

1998 - 2002

Sureh University of Tehran

French Language Translation Baccalaureate


French Translation University


Cinema House Candidate


Starring in the movie 'M like Mother'

Iran Cinema House Celebration

Cinema House Candidate


Starring in the movie 'Gold and Copper'

Iran Cinema House Celebration

Crystal Simorgh


Best Actress in the movie 'Ice Age'

Fajr Film Festival

Cinema House Candidate


Cinema House Candidate for starring in the movie 'Gap'

Iran Cinema House

Best Actress Honorary Diploma


Best Actress Honorary Diploma

Celebration of Cinema House Critics of Iran