Drought and lies

Performed at the White Nights Festival in Germany

Drought and Lies is a 2016 movie by Pedram Alizadeh based on “Drought and Lies” play, written by Mohammad Yaghoubi.
This film was released in Iran’s cinemas on 28 September 2016.


Omid along with his wife Alla, and his brother-in-law Arash, are at a party. Mithra, Omid’s ex-wife, calls him and says she needs him. Omid sets up a meeting with her and the story emphasizes on the influence of lies on the relationships between individuals in the family. Most of the acts of the story occur between two characters: Arash and Alla, Omid and Mitra, Omid and Arash, Arash and Mitra. But the first and the last action extends the relationships from the field of private communication of individuals to family relationships, and more generally, to social relations. Each of these actions begins with simple events such as cooking, making food and so on, and realistically reaches the crisis. This process is repeated in the relationship between characters, until it is deepened and ends in catastrophe. The simplicity of the initiation of these actions will greatly help facilitate sympathy between the audience and the characters. However, the comic strips of the story in the heart of the tragedy also have a great influence on the show’s success and the connection of the audience with it. Instead of dealing with linear stories and raising his theme in a stereotyped structure, Yaghuobi is concerned with the psychology of the characters in this play. This is why that even though his characters seem to occasionally follow a meaningless conversation, they smartly discuss some of the motives and unspoken reasons in the text.
The play of “Drought and Lies” was published by Afraz Publication and reached to third edition. The Turkish version of this play, translated by Houman Bahmani Jalali, is also published in Turkey by Mitas Boyut Publication. “Drought and Lies” and “Moon in Water” are the first Iranian plays published in Turkey.



Cast and Crew:

  • Assistant Director and Planner: Alireza Shams Sharifi
  • Cast: Mohammad Yaghoubi,Sahar Dowlatshahi, Mohammad Reza Golzar, Pegah Ahangarani, Ali Sarabi, Aida Kaikhai, Mehdi Mehrabi, Maral Bani Adam and Memorial Assadi
  • Scene secretary: Zahra Haghighi
  • Production Director: Meysam Ma’raji
  • Producer’s Assistant: Negin Mousavi
  • Cameraman Assistant: Vahid Ebrahimi
  • Costume Designer: Jahangir Mirzajani
  • Soundboard: Mahmoud Khorsand
  • Face Designer: Hope Imam