Gold and Copper

Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress - 28th Fajr Film Festival



While his wife, Zahra (Negar Javaherian), cares for their children and supports the family by weaving rugs, Seyed Reza (Behrouz Shoeibi) studies the Quran in pursuit of becoming a mullah. But, when Zahra is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Seyed must take on her responsibilities. Seyed is scorned by the male-driven society of Iran for doing so-called women’s work, but he finds comfort in prayer. As he weaves long into the night, his religious studies take on a stronger personal relevance.


  • Director:Homayoun Asadian
  • Producer:Manouchehr Mohammadi
  • Editor:Bahram Dehghan
  • Cinematographer:Hossein Jafarian
  • Writer:Hamed Mohammadi
  • Sound:Sasan Nakhaei
  • Make up:Mehrdad Mirkiani
  • Costume Designer:Marjan Golzar
  • Set Designer:Marjan Golzar
  • Music:Arya Aziminejad


Cast : Negar Javaherian, Behrouz Shaibi, Javad Ezati , Sahar Dolwatshahi, Mehran Rajabi, Behrooz Shoeibi, Reza Radmanesh